Works Include:

The Cadiz Caprices

From September 12th at the Bernard Jacobson Gallery London and December 2nd at the Jacobson Howard Gallery New York, 'The Cadiz Caprices', a series of new abstract works by William Tillyer.

The twenty-five works which make up the new series were executed in Tillyer's North Yorkshire studio, and yet recall the complex of impressions and experiences the artist gained during his three month residency, in the Castillo de Santa Catalina, Cadiz, in 2006, at the invitation of the municipal government. The series invites multiple readings on the part of the viewer. On one level, as with Goya's majestic Caprichos, (from which the series derives its name), the works offer an abstracted panorama of Spanish life. From the flowing edges and swirling forms of works like Viva to the underlying menace of Falla, there are presented a wide range of impressions rooted in the movements, colours and ambiences Tillyer observed in the Iberian peninsula.

"The Cadiz Caprices are the greatest abstract paintings about Spain by a non-Spaniard since Robert Motherwell began working on his 'Elegies for The Spanish Republic' around 70 years ago"

John Yau, 2008

"Tillyer has been engaged in a continuous process of de-familiarization and re-education because he understands that only by risk taking and experimentation can art's forms be made to respond conceptually as well as materially to our world of ever changing experiences and perceptions.

...In effect 'The Cadiz Caprices' are the embodiment of a non-linear narrative long sought after by Tillyer. They succeed in undermining our expectations not of painting, but the very act of looking and knowing" Saul Ostrow

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The Cadiz Caprices from York Tillyer on Vimeo.