Publications Include:

William Tillyer Paintings, Constructions, Drawings, Prints 1956 - 1996.

Catalogue to the 1996 retrospective at the Cleveland Gallery Middlesbrough and the Whitworth gallery Manchester.

"Given the philosophical cast of his imagination it is not surprising that Tillyer should for a while have experimented with a kind of object based conceptualism, making, in the mid 1960's, a number of provocative works utilizing banal or unremarkable ready-mage materials. Each of these asks questions about the relation of what is seen to what is known, subverts familiar certainties by a dead-pan failure to meet behavioral expectations, and refers to wittily in one way or another to artistic conventions" Mel Gooding

Of this show Tim Marlow on BBC Radio 4 said "Tillyer is set to run and run"

Published 1996