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The Furnished Landscape

William Tillyer's idiosyncratic and remarkably prescient study of a now vanished form. This photographic essay takes as it's motif the milk stands of the North York Moors National Park, from which a farms milk churns were collected daily.

With a forward by William Packer and text from the artist.

"As Part of it's system the milk stand is placed in the landscape at the most convenient point. At the farm gate, the side of the lane, or perhaps a crossroads; wherever: the milk stand becomes a known point for the collection of milk, a landmark, a place at which to pause, exchange or gossip. Well worn paths run to and from the stand. These and the immediate surrounding space are commanded by the milk stand, and are defended by it's presence." William Tillyer

We take the landscape, through which we move and act our lives, which affects us so directly, conditioning our attitudes and qualifying our actions, very much for granted; as much for granted, in fact as the weather..."William Packer

Published 1977