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The Cadiz Caprices

To coincide with the exhibition opening the Bernard Jacobson Gallery have published a catalogue of 'The Cadiz Caprices' with essays on the work 'The Painter As Doubting Thomas' by John Yau and 'William Tillyer: Painting As Corpus, An Anatomy Lesson' by Saul Ostrow.

"The Cadiz Caprices are the greatest abstract paintings about Spain by a non-Spaniard since Robert Motherwell began working on his 'Elegies for The Spanish Republic' around 70 years ago" John Yau

"Tillyer has been engaged in a continuous process of de-familiarization and re-education because he understands that only by risk taking and experimentation can art's forms be made to respond conceptually as well as materially to our world of ever changing experiences and perceptions?

In effect 'The Cadiz Caprices' are the embodiment of a non-linear narrative long sought after by Tillyer. They succeed in undermining our expectations not of painting, but the very act of looking and knowing" Saul Ostrow

A large pull-out reproduction of Skydancer, the 733 x 248 x 10.5 cm signature work from the exhibition is available as an insert.

Published 2008