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English Landscape Watercolours

The great strength of Tillyer's watercolours is that although they are unequivocally modern, they are the kind of 'pure' works of art, which nonetheless, as Fry put it in his last lectures, 'set up vibrations in the deeper layers of our consciousness and... these vibrations radiate in many directions, lighting up a vast system of correlated feelings and ideas.' Tillyer's watercolours invite us to to share with him a tentative and tremulous sensation of physical and spiritual oneness with the natural world.

...beautiful in themselves, Tillyer's gentle washes of colour, true at once to nature and to materials, seem also to imply a wider meaning: they remind us that if we believe or highest aesthetic emotions and perceptions, have no relationship to the world of nature, then inevitably we will be more inclined to injure and exploit the natural world (and, indeed each other) than if we perceive of ourselves as being part of it. Peter Fuller, Bath, March 1987

Published 1987