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A Furnished Landscape

The catalogue of 'A Furnished Landscape" a portfolio of 25 prints including 3 woodcuts, 5 lithographs, 8 etchings and 9 screenprints, published as an edition of 90.

"This portfolio must be one of the most all-embracing graphic explorations on a theme of landscape ever made by a single artist, for in addition to etching and screenprinting, Tillyer added both lithography and woodcut to his repertoire, thus embracing all four graphic techniques..."

"Part of the poetry of these 25 prints lies in appreciating the appropriateness with which a particular technique has been used to convey a specific expeience: part of it is the ambiguity and understatement by means of which the artist allows the spectator to indulge his own imaginative flights of fancy in interpreting the marks before him."

"...hanging valleys, waterfalls and other features of the sublime are in the minority in Tillyer's choice of subject matter which is, for the most part, low key and undramatic. A trough under rain, a bright cloud, a cloche, a seat, a noticeboard, gate or path, are the undemonstrative features in an essentially English, and therefore man-made landscape." Pat Gilmour from the catalogue introduction.

Published 1974