'Small Green Field With Landscape'
180.0 x 180.0cm

'The Cornfield'
180.0 x 180.0cm

Two Tillyer paintings are set for their debut at The Armoury Show in New York next month. William says "for these new paintings I felt I needed more structure" - the culmination of his previous body of paintings, being the 10 meters of free hanging open mesh panels that comprised 'The Golden Striker'. In a short film introducing the wok, Tillyer says: "It's a question of really contemplating and thinking about, how you feel about the landscape, how you feel about the kind of situation we're all put into...Just what is it all about? What is life about?" In these works, he is answering the question with the 'hard facts' of wire in tension, wire mesh, and paint which is seemingly alive with "the relentless energy" of the landscape, of spring, and which is leaping out form the support to meet the viewer.

In responses to The Mulgrave Tensile Wire Works, poet and critic John Yau says" "Time has proven William Tillyer to be the most adventuresome painter of his generation. This is no small achievement. In a country known for its masters of landscape and light, and artists such as J.M.W. Turner, John Constable, and Samuel Palmer, Tillyer has extended that glorious tradition into new territory.

Tillyer has attained this by working on different supports, which enabled him to apply paint by various, unconventional means, as well as by bringing together abstraction and figuration in unlikely ways.

Landscape painting can transport the viewer to another world, to another time and place. Tillyer refuses to do continue this familiar trope for reasons that strike me as both aesthetic and ethical. In their use of metal mesh, wire, and paint, the artist reminds us that we too are made of changeable material, and that we too are vulnerable."

'Small Green Field, with Landscape' and 'The Cornfield' - The Mulgrave Tensile Wire Works, can bee seen at:

The Bernard Jacobson Gallery - Booth 517

The Armoury Show

5th to the 8th March

Pier 94

New York