Dr. Claudia Tobin has writtn 'Landscape Is Weather': William Tillyer Painting the Elements, an analsis and exploration of the Tillyer's 'The Golden Striker' and 'Esk Paintings.

..."The great engine of the wind and weather rolls in, stage right, making way for the cornfield described in shimmering lush gold paint. Strike is what this painting does, with monumental scale and dynamic form. Sky and earth meet in the churning blue and yellow sphere, which conjures the mechanical energy of a waterwheel or harvester, and at the same time appears on the point of dissolution, loosely outlined, as if gathering within it the texture and tone of clouds. This combination of muscular form counterpoised with exquisite delicacy and lightness of touch is characteristic of William Tillyer. The translucent mesh is unmounted and the work seems to hang unfixed, floating with iridescent weightlessness. Painted in the lead up to his eightieth birthday during an energetic period of creativity, The Golden Striker dramatizes the larger dialectic between the organic and the mechanical, nature and artifice that has preoccupied the painter throughout his working life. It is a painting-as-statement that offers a landmark from which to reflect on his work over the past three decades...."

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