William Tillyer is spending much of this year making watercolour drawings. These works on paper 'The Frobisher Watercolours' are intended as a prelude to a new group of paintings for 2015. The works on paper will be shown at the Bernard Jacobson Gallery during 2015 and the new paintings will be shown in 2016

The ‘Frobisher Watercolours’ are worked on a square format hand made paper using the paint medium ‘Vintage Watercolours’ these high quality pigments are manufactured in the U.K. by Pip Seymour Fine Art Products

'Frobisher' is part of The Barbican complex in the City of London and is Tillyer's present studio setting, providing much of the material and inspiration for the new works.

In 1974 Tillyer began making a series of etching plates illustrating the Karl Huysmans' book ‘À Rebours’. This printmaking aspect of his practice continued for a number of years, producing 50 images. Tillyer has returned to this project and is presently working on further images to complete what is envisaged to be a 100 image publication. Some of the earlier etching plates are presently being editioned by Clifton Editions in Bristol. The entire project will be completed and shown at the Bernard Jacobson Gallery in 2018 celebrating Tillyer's 80th year.

Pip Seymour Fine Art Products